Business profile

Since 1992, when Z.P.M. “Kaplast” was established, company gained long term experience in medium- and large- lot production of precise metal parts, which usually are sub-assemblies used in further productive process. Among the main production, Z.P.M. Kaplast specializes also in designing and making tool- base for production purposes.

Company disposes of professional machine background equipped with:

  • automatic and semi- automatic vertical and horizontal presses at the thrust of 4 -70 tons,

  • automatic machines and continuous furnace

  • thin-walled seamless welding tube production line ( rolling and welding automatic machine, drawing machines, automatic cutting machine resulting in burr free ends.

Company specializes in production of small metal details using technology of cold working such as:

  • punching
  • deep drawing
  • tube drawing
  • machining (including turning, milling, grinding)
  • heat treating in protective atmosphere (up to 1100 ° C)

Based on high quality standards our products are successfully used among the leading customers of the following branches:

  • electro-installation
  • electronics
  • energy
  • office
  • automatics

As a future- oriented company Z.P.M Kaplast is committed to maintain high quality, customer service and on-time delivery standards. We aim to offer and provide solutions which meet all the client’s needs and expectations according to our production profile.